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I am Olivia Hu, a San-Francisco-based
UI & Visual Designer.
View my work.

I got my MS in Digital Media from NYU in 2017, and moved to the Bay Area to learn about improving the well-being of people through the intersection of design + technology. Scroll down to learn more about me!

I'm a designer who solves problems and tells stories with interface design, visual communication, and a tad of illustration. I am also an expert with HTML/CSS, because I began my career by coding my own website. Check out my portfolio.

    Fun Facts

  • I injured my hand 4 years ago so I can’t draw, but I remedied it by becoming an expert with the pen tool.
  • I like to design campaigns that can get my friends and network involved in causes I care about and fight for.

I'm a weekend photographer who paints colorful pictures of my San Franciscan life through my iPhone / Canon Rebel. Follow me on Instagram.

    The Backstage

  • As a designer, when photographing I tend to focus my subject then frame the photo like a layout design. :D
  • My take on color is soft, minimal, but bright, just like my design aesthetic.

I'm a blogger building a space for wellness. I believe people are gifted uniquely and can use their best talent when they are at their best. My mission is supported by my friends in NYC/SF + superwomen across the world. Read my blog.

    Writing Goals

  1. Be open about what is on my mind and sketch out plans to solve them through my blog.
  2. Invite women and men I know to interview for story segments.

Let's chat! I'd love to design AND build your website, or even do a photoshoot! Please contact me for my rates.

I'm also very active on social media so let's connect!


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