I am Olivia Hu, a San-Francisco-based designer.

I graduated with my MS from NYU in 2017 and moved to the Bay Area to learn about improving lives through the intersection of design and technology. Let me tell you a bit about myself so you can hire me!

As I said, I'm a designer. I create beautiful visuals for user-friendly interfaces. I'm interested in products that promote positive interaction and outcomes for its users. View selected work.

    Fun Facts
  • My previous jobs put me in charge of designing for mobile because I like to code and can prototype really fast.
  • Four years ago I injured my right hand so I can’t draw, but I became an expert with the pen tool to do my own illustrations.
  • I always conduct any user research I can before starting my work, because my users are my priority.

I volunteer as a photographer at tech events for women to make lasting connections and give back to my community. I also regularly capture my type of local San Franciscan life. View my albums.

    The Backstage
  • It began as a little hobby on Instagram, and over time it became a design exercise framing scenes and colors.
  • My photos are almost always taken with my iPhone 6S+ because it allows me to capture and edit on-the-go.

In my free time, I’m a blogger because I also want to connect with superwomen outside my community. Read about my life.

    Writing Goals
  • My blog covers topics like travel, games, and health because I want to make it personal to who I am outside the tech industry.
  • I want my readers to see each person is made up of more than what's on the surface, and feel that I am here for conversation.

Let's chat! I'm available for freelance visual/UI projects, or part-time collaborations. For photography work: I won't charge non-profits that serve women; for all other requests please contact me for my rate.

I'm very active on social media so let's connect!


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